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October 15th, 2005

09:21 pm - Hey my mom just emailed this to me....

Dear Friends,

Rose participated on the Corpus Christi CYM Track & Field and Cross Country teams from fourth grade through eighth at Corpus Christi School.  Even after she was in high school she stayed connected with the teams through her younger sister Hannah (currently in sixth grade at Cab Calloway).  A group of Rose's former coaches and friends wanted to help raise money for Rose's care and expenses not covered by insurance.  They felt that a run, Rose's Run, would be a great way for the community to show their love and support.

Rose's Run includes a 4 Mile Run and a 2 Mile Run/Walk.  It will start and finish at Charter on Sunday, November 13, 2005.  Proceeds from Rose's Run will be given to Rose's family to help with medical costs and specialized equipment, facilities and attention needed for her day-to-day activities.

How can you help?
           - If you (or your parents) have a business that can support the run, we are still looking for sponsors.  To see current sponsors, visit
            - They are also looking for donations of post-race refreshments and gift certificates/prizes that we can use for awards and for random prize drawings after the race.  Any donations would be greatly appreciated.

Any help is greatly appreciated.  God bless.

I have a poster that you can make copies of and post anywhere... I also have a preliminary race application if anyone wants to register... you can also register at http://active.com/event_detail.cfm?event_id=1259369.  Also, if you could post this on your livejournal or help spread posters or spread the word in any way, that'd be great.  The more people the better.  Call me or talk to me in school or anything if you want more information.  This is all I have right now but I'll keep everyone updated as well as I can.  Thanks!! All your help is appreciated.

Current Music: ..and I wanted to fly so you gave me your wings..

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October 12th, 2005

12:06 am - Continued plus a bonus feature...

These are VERY taken out of context 'cause you had to know what we were talking about... but no matter what, they're funny all the same...

"omg i would soo be the one to tell God to look at my new shoes! and i totally agree that there should be a holiday between Christmas and Easter"

"I don't want to come back as (name withheld lol) bc i don't like him!!!"
"haha, me neither... i dont want to come back as a boy... girls are better"

And here's one from my buddy Dave (who I havent seen in ages either)....

D: have fun studyin
D: ill be doin it too
D: like that makes any diff
M: i'll try... PT eval later tomorrow too so cross your fingers for me
M: of course it makes a difference
M: i'll think of you while i study... hows that?
D: ill be thinkin of ya
M: haha, whoa
D: true
D: nows the time when you just leave it be, great ending and walk away

Current Mood: i <3333 my friends!! :-D
Current Music: still none

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October 11th, 2005

11:13 pm - Niiiice.

Perhaps I'll get to see her tomorrow...

"...i take what i do pretty seriously... anyone cant just wake up and say to themselves 'i'm gunna be jen's friend today' "

"haha...yeah...we have to do these labs for anatomy since our anatomy class is only for PT majors...so we get all these facts and we have to diagnose them...its soo hard though...and then we have to right it up in soap notes ...which isnt easy"
"writing in soap notes... when you said that i first thought of like writing notes in soap bubbles & was like "sounds like fun!!" lol!!"

"haha i definitely wrote "rights" instead of "writes" thats a college education for you"

Yeah, I haven't seen her in ages.  But all the same, you know you're jealous. 8-) My friends are probably the best in the world... even the ones who I never see anymore 'cause they decided they were gunna further their education at college. lol. Even still, we'll always have each other's backs when it counts.. and thats all that matters some days. Love & miss ya Jen!! "Smile, thank God for the good times, and keep on truckin'." --- "Time might not heal all wounds, but it makes the scars less and less visible."

Current Mood: not bad; not bad at all :)
Current Music: nadda

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October 2nd, 2005

09:21 am - Day #2 in crutches :(
sooooo.. yeah I fractured my ankle yesterday. I did it playing basketball (did you expect any different?) and honestly, I don't really know how it happened... the best i can give you is I ended up in the air and got kicked or mine & another girl's feet got tangled up and when i landed i truly don't remember if i landed on her and rolled it again or if i came down on it wrong just on the ground.. i really dont know... all i remember is being in the air, seeing the girl underneath me and then being on my back on the ground, grabbing my ankle in pain... yeah, the pain i remember quite clearly.. i'm now in a splint.. its like a fiberglass half-cast... it wraps underneath your leg & molds around your heel and ankle so you cant move it.. and i'm on crutches... i'm not allowed to walk on it & quite frankly, i couldnt if i wanted to so thats not really an issue. I'm calling the orthopedist on monday to show him my Xrays and let him tell me how long i need to be on the crutches & whatnot... the doc at the walk-in Xray place was like "i could be wrong.. i hope i'm wrong, i hope its just a sprain & you only hafta sit for a couple weeks.. blahblahblah" However, even I could see the fracture in the Xray... which is not usually a good sign when i dont know what i'm looking for and I can tell its broken. Thats all for now. Questions, comments, or you just feel like keeping me company, please gimme a ring... i could always use the company... especially now that I can't do anything. :(
PS- Happy Bday Chrissi! :)
Current Mood: pretty damn yucky
Current Music: I'll Be

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September 11th, 2005

03:13 pm - Huh?
What just happened? :-/
Current Mood: confusedunsure + confused
Current Music: some country stuff on my playlist

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August 30th, 2005

05:11 pm

A lunch for me. Who do I eat with?!?! Hopefully you. ;)



PS - I have a semi-funny story. I enjoyed it, so perhaps I shall share at a later date.

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August 27th, 2005

01:23 pm

1 - Calc Concepts w/Potocki
2 - AP English Lang w/Towers
3 - Econ w/Mr. K
4 - World Lit w/Munson
5 - Physics w/Lightfoot
6 - Soc/Psych w/Mr. K
7 - AP Latin Vergil w/Messinger & Sara Thomas

Hopefully I have something with you. ;)

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August 26th, 2005

10:12 pm - DO IT!!!!!
The date to plan Daggett/Jon Fitzpatrick Day has been set. This coming Monday, August 29th, 2005 around 3o'clock-ish at the lovely Sara Thomas' house. Call her or me or comment or something for directions/address. Be there or be square.
Current Mood: hopefulhopeful

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August 25th, 2005

09:29 pm - You can't go forcing something if it's just not right.

So.... who wants to set me up with their cute/hot/attractive friend? It's been a while since it rained. (Remember that Chrissi! lol. Good times.) And I'm not talking the dinky little wanna-be spritzing rain. 'Cause that doesn't count to me. I mean the real rain. Perhaps even the kind that gets me a boyfriend? *wink*wink*

And I want my schedule. To see how many classes I have with all the people I love. Including you. ;)


"OMGOMGOMG I almost had a life-threatening experience. Wait! I DID have a life-threatening experience! I'm gunna write this in my diary! I don't have a diary!!! I NEED a diary!!"
"We saw a truck... and yeah... they're making babies."
"You going out tonight?"
lol... you just had to be there for those....

So, call me so we can make lots of funny memories like that. K? K.

Current Mood: wishin' & hopin' & dreamin'
Current Music: Rascal Flatts cuz as Nick puts it I'm a "country bumpkin"

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August 23rd, 2005

12:23 am - The worst feeling is having to doubt something you once thought was unquestionable.


I have found myself playing Minesweeper to keep my mind of things. But recently I find that it doesn't work. My mind somehow always ends up on the things I least want to think about.
Ever get that feeling in your gut that you should just let go? Well, not let go. Give up. That feeling that you're stuck between a rock and a hard place and just giving up looks extremely attractive? I'm getting that. I feel like it would be easier to just let go. To give up. But I'm torn. Between the rock and the hard place. I feel like I'm past the point of no return, so to speak. I care too much to just let go. How am I supposed to just let go - give up - without flinching? Like none of the good times or fabulous memories we made or times they were there for me meant absolutely nothing? But I just don't see any other way. I can't keep putting so much of me into someone who either doesn't realize the how good it is between us (or how good it was) or just doesn't care. I can't do it anymore. I'm afraid that by just sitting down and talking about this with them my fear will be confirmed: I've simply been taken advantage of and made a fool of. I hate how much I care. All of you who can just cut the people out of your life who don't deserve to be in it in the first place without blinking an eye -- I'm jealous of you. So damned jealous. I don't know what to do & it's because I care so much. And I don't know what to do about it. Any of it.
I wish life came with a textbook. With an index where you could look up any problem -- from peanut butter in your hair to computer glitches to car problems -- and find the obvious, simple, painless solution right before your eyes. I wish so many things....




Gotta love the complete messes I get myself into.

Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated
Current Music: none.. i'm just sitting here hoping my phone rings

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